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Precision Metals for Demanding Industry applications...
Heat Exchanger Tube for all applications.

Products: Heat Exchanger Tube

APT specialise in small quantities and short lead times for the heat exchanger repair markets.

APT specialises in small quantities and short lead times for the heat exchanger refurbishment and new unit markets. APT are the go-to suppliers when the design size is not carried in stock or available from a distributor.

With a full range of copper-based alloys and aluminium, APT supplies the heat exchanger industry with tubes used in a range of heat exchanger products, including process and equipment coolers, refrigeration system chillers, air blast coolers and oil coolers. APT are manufacturers of Leak Detector and Bi-metallic tubes used in heat exchanger applications.

Heat exchanger alloys and specifications are highlighted below:

Heat Exchanger Standards:

ASTM B111 Defence Standard 02-780 (NES 780)
ASME SB111 Defence Standard 02-779 (NES779)
BS 2871 Part 3 DG 271B
BS EN12451 DG Ships 8562F
Defence Standard 02-878 DG Ships 8556D

Heat Exchanger Alloys:

CuNi 90/10
CuNi 70/30
Aluminium Brass
Admiralty Bras
Stainless Steel 304 & 316L

As a manufacturer, APT also offers tubes to customers’ bespoke requirements. We have an impeccable reputation as a trusted supplier and producer of high-quality, precision-engineered materials, and our knowledgeable and experienced technical sales team are more than happy to discuss your specific needs.

Please contact our dedicated technical sales team to discuss your requirements.

Precision Metals for Demanding Industry applications...
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