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Precision Metals for Demanding Industry applications...

About us: Why APT

A UK-based Manufacturer of Ferrous and Non-ferrous Tubes and Solid Profiles for some of the Most Demanding Industries in the World.

At its manufacturing facility in the heart of England, Amari Precision Tubes (APT) produces a wide range of tubular and solid products in brass, copper, aluminium, stainless steel, nickel alloys and copper-nickel - all to an unparalleled range of standards and specifications.

As the only UK-manufacturer and stockist of defence standard tube in 90/10 and 70/30 copper-nickel and copper, and an unswerving commitment to producing the highest quality tube, APT is a valued supplier to a number of tier one military sub-contractors and aerospace companies.

APT also supplies tubes into the automotive sector. World-renowned brands come to APT for reliable, high-quality tubes for fluid transfer, radiator and brakeline systems. APT is the only manufacturer and stockist of rigid, circular and rectangular waveguide tubing in the UK and Europe. APT is not only a tube manufacturer, but also a development partner and supplier - offering a full spectrum of tubular products.

With an unrivalled depth of knowledge and experience, a commitment to delivering superior products to customers’ demanding specifications, and supplying products on time and to budget, APT has an impeccable reputation as a trusted supplier and producer of high-quality, precision-engineered components.

Please contact our dedicated technical sales team to discuss your requirements.

Precision Metals for Demanding Industry applications...
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Continuously striving for excellence.

APT is committed to delivering consistently high-quality products and services to all partners. All material is fully traceable and certified to the appropriate standards. We endeavour to ensure that all our employees work safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Processes are reviewed and audited on an ongoing basis internally, and externally by independent bodies.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 is the assurance that systems are run to the internationally recognised standard. However, systems mean nothing unless there is a culture of quality throughout. APT goes beyond the standard to ensure total customer satisfaction at every touchpoint.


JOSCAR is an accreditation system for the aerospace, defence, and security sectors. APT is proud to be JOSCAR accredited - guaranteeing the quality of our products we supply to these key sectors.