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2017-09-20 11:26

Now offering Laser Tube Cutting

Amari Precision tubes is proud to announce that we're now able to offer Laser Tube Cutting as an additional service to our customers

We're able to cut almost any profile both on the end of a tube and anywhere along its length. Multiple features, which traditionally would have required several conventional machine tools and consecutive processes, can now be carried out automatically on a single machine, in a single cycle.

Our system cuts any shape of slots and holes in round tubing with diameters from 12mm up to 152mm and square tubing with side dimensions up 120mm.

Advantages of Laser Tube Cutting

  • Round, square oval and rectangular sections
  • Wide variety of materials
  • Any size & shape of cut can be made both at the ends and anywhere along the length
  • Multiple cuts in a single cycle
  • Round Tube 12mm to 152mm O/D x up to 6500mm long
  • Square/Rectangular Tube 12mm to 1200mm side x 6500mm long
  • Automatic feed for speed and efficiency
  • No tooling costs

Contact our dedicated sales team on 01527 405 618 or via info@amariprecisiontubes.com for more details, or to request a quotation.

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