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Copper Nickel

Copper Nickel is a high strength and corrosion resistant alloy

Copper Nickel (also known as Cupro Nickel/Kunifer) is an alloy widely used in Marine, Naval and Oil & Gas applications. These alloys have excellent corrosion resistance in sea water, low biofouling and good weldability. Material in copper nickel is ductile through its improved strength and corrosion resistance.

CuNi 90/10 mainly used in seawater systems for Naval, Commercial Marine and Oil & Gas applications.

CuNi 70/30 has a higher strength due to the increased nickel content and able to resist corrosion at high velocities in Naval applications.

Amari Precision Tubes produce straight cold drawn copper nickel tube as well as copper nickel tube components from CuNi 70/30 and CuNi 90/10 alloys. All of our drawn copper nickel tubes are manufactured, cleaned and supplied to the most popular specifications in Europe , America and other international specifications.

Amari Precision Tubes has a wide range of stock in CuNi 90/10 and CuNi 70/30 for supply from stock and for redraw to customer requirements.

Grades available to the below designations:

Copper Nickel 90/10 (Kunifer 10) CuNi10Fe1Mn CN102 CW352H C70600
Copper Nickel 70/30 (Kunifer 30) CuNi30Mn1Fe CN107 CW354H C71500
Copper Nickel 66/2/2 (Yorcoron) CuNi30Fe2Mn2 CN108 CW353H C71640

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