Leading UK defence tube manufacturer.

Amari Precision Tubes’ factory, based in the heart of England, manufactures tubes and components for many leading defence OEMs to a number of defence industry standards including:

Military Standards


Defence Standard 02-878

 DG Ships 8562F

Defence Standard 02-780 (NES 780)

 DG Ships 8556D

Defence Standard 02-779  (NES779)

 DTD 253A

Defence Standard 02-749  (NES749)

 DTD 5019

Defence Standard 02-833

 MIL-T 16420K

Defence Standard 02-837

 MIL-T 24107B

DG 271B


Additionally, we are able to supply to almost any worldwide military specification and our technical sales team would be happy to offer a quotation for any specific requirements.

As the UKs' only manufacturer & stockist of defence standard material, we are uniquely placed to supply a full range of defence standard materials – specialising in materials used in safety critical applications in the naval industry. Many sizes in a range of specifications are held in our extensive stock range – with our UK based manufacturing plant able to respond quickly for any additional customer requirements.

Amari Precision Tubes has supply contracts in place with major 1st tier defence manufacturers and sub-contractors to the Royal Navy – our products are currently used in surface vessels, submarines and patrol boats.

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